Flash Dash Update!

Flash Dash is Friday!  This is our only fundraiser of the year.  Thank you to all who have generously donated to our event so far!  Every Okemos Public Montessori student has benefited from the monies that the PTO raised at last year’s Flash Dash.  We have funded:

  • Big History/Big Zoo for Upper El
  • Time for Kids magazine for Upper El
  • Kids A-Z online books for Lower El
  • New landscaping in front of school
  • Field trips for ASD classes
  • Floor tables for Mrs. Christine
  • Display Rail for Library hallway for student work
  • Dishes for Mrs. Christine
  • Lugnuts trip for Safeties
  • Montessori Math Checkerboards for Ms. Erin and Mrs. Christine
  • Vocabulary boards for Ms. Meredith
  • Montessori Math Manuals for Ms. Lisa
  • Wharton Center field trip for PPK
  • Harris Nature Center for Science Fair
  • Continent Stencils and case for Mrs. Susie
  • New Chairs for Mrs. Sybil
  • 4th grade graduation certificates and pens
  • Spring Concert bussing
  • Back to School Potluck
  • Grandparents’ Tea
  • Drinking fountain filters
  • Teacher Stipends for each teacher for new classroom and Montessori materials

We have been able to fund every single request from our teachers to make enhancements in the overall learning environment.  If we wish to continue all of these good works next year it is imperative that we meet our financial goals for the 2018 Flash Dash.

In past years nearly every family supported the event with some kind of financial contribution.  To date, 60% of our students have contributed with pledges. We have earned $19,000 of our $35,000 overall goal.  Please consider donating if you haven’t already!

We accept donations in the form of cash or checks made payable to OPM PTO.  It is also very easy to donate through our online system:

1.  Register or Login at www.thegetmovincrew.com

2.  Once logged in simply share via Facebook or other social media with just a few clicks and use the email button to send to close friends and family.

3.  Our goal is for all parents to send 10-15 emails to family/friends and post on Facebook or Social Media

Thank you for helping us help our students and come cheer for them Friday!